February 26, 2024

Why Some People Choose Motorhomes Over Trailers

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This is the time of year when people start dreaming of purchasing an RV. The thought of enjoying the open road while taking your home with you is appealing. Having said that, have you ever wondered why some people choose motorhomes over trailers? After all, it seems like the larger motorhomes would be more expensive and harder to drive.

The first thing to know is that both types of rigs have their pros and cons. Die-hard trailer fans will swear up and down that motorhomes are not in the same league. Likewise, die-hard motorhome owners tend to talk of trailers like they aren’t worth the investment. There really is no standard by which you can prove that one is better than the other. It is a matter of preference.

With that out of the way, here are a few reasons some people choose motorhomes over trailers:

Size and Luxury

Although you can buy smaller class C and B motorhomes, top-of-the-line class A’s are considered the ultimate in size and luxury. If you can afford one, you can probably afford all of the bells and whistles that tend to come with these RVs. Indeed, that’s why some people buy them. They do not want just a place to sleep during their travels. They want a motorhome that is as comfortable as their stationery home.

No Need to Tow

One of the downsides to motorhomes is that everything is contained in a single unit. So if you want to have a car to drive around when your motorhome is parked, you have to tow one. Yet there are people who do not want to tow. They do not need to because they have no need for a separate car. They are content to not leave the campgrounds they park at except for absolute necessities. And should the need arise, they can always catch a cab or call an Uber. Not having to worry about towing a separate car is a big plus here.

Faster Set Up and Tear Down

Motorhomes are attractive to some regular RVers because they take very little time and effort to set up and tear down. Setting up is a matter of putting the rig in park, activating the stabilizers, and hooking up the water and electric connections. Fifteen minutes and you’re done.

Another thing to consider is RV skirting. According to Connecticut-based AirSkirts, travel trailers tend to do much better in cold weather when owners utilize skirting all the way around. The same is true for your smaller motorhomes. But for your big class A rigs, skirting really isn’t necessary. Not having to install skirting saves even more time.

Easier to Drive

Some trailer enthusiasts insist that motorhomes are very difficult to drive. But like just about everything in the motorhome vs. trailer debate, this is a matter of perspective. There are some people who have no trouble with size but cannot seem to manage towing. They can easily navigate the biggest and largest motorhome but ask them to round a corner with a trailer in tow and they cannot do it.

Motorhomes are generally easier to get into parking spaces because they do not pivot. So that’s a plus for the motorhome crowd. And in inclement weather, handling a single-unit RV can be easier than managing a tow vehicle and trailer.

There are plenty of reasons trailer owners prefer their units over motorhomes. Likewise, there are valid reasons for going the motorhome route. Despite different preferences, the one thing all RV owners seem to have in common is a love for the RV lifestyle.

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