July 14, 2024

Sydney: Must Do Activities in 2022

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Are you sick and tired of work? Can you feel the aches and pains of daily life start to get on top of you? Are you more irritable than you usually are? If the answer is yes to some of these questions, then it might be time for you to consider a holiday. Choosing the correct destination can be a daunting task. Some know straight away where they want to go, others prefer to spin the globe and choose with a prodding finger, others let someone do the organizing for them! Well, this article is here to help. If you are thinking of a holiday destination, we urge you to highly consider Sydney, Australia. This article sets out the must do activities in Sydney in order for you to a have a full, authentic experience. Buckle in because here we go mates!

The Opera House

Are you a lover of music? Do you like live performances? You are in safe hands. Not only are you in safe hands, but are you probably in the best place in the world for live performances. The Sydney Opera House is renowned for its’ famous acoustics. With many high-profile individuals having performed there, the Opera House boasts a high-class status. Do yourself a favor, visit here. With tickets being available online, or at the door, you will not regret it. Even if you are not overly into music or performances, you will most certainly not forget the experience.

Australian Football

Is contact sports your thing? Well then you really are in the right place. Australian football or, footy, as it is locally called, is a high-pace, high-impact sport. It is a cross between rugby, football and basketball, kind of. It is played on an oval, grass pitch with players having to fist, kick and bounce the ball.  The ultimate aim is to get the ball through one of the three posts that line the two ends of the pitch.  Get yourself a ticket and get yourself a geurnsey and get out there to support!

Sydney Sea Safari

Are you an outdoors lover? Sydney boasts some of the best sea safaris in the world. If wildlife and animals is your thing, you will not be disappointed. Whale watching in Sydney is one of the most popular activities people do and never does one come away from it disappointed.

There you have it folks. Get those tickets booked and get to Sydney!

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