April 21, 2024

How Copenhagen can Make you Fall in Love with It

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Copenhagen is probably not at the top of your list of Europe must-visit cities. However, when you get to visit the Danish capital, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with everything it has to offer.  While Copenhagen will not take off the beaten path or provide you with some challenging travel experiences you might love, it certainly has a lot for all types of travellers. The city is clean, organised, safe, and chic. You will start your love affair with the city the moment you step off the plane, begin to make your way to Copenhagen and get settled at one of the copenhagen vacation rentals. Here’s how the city will make you fall in love with everything in it:

Experience Efficient and Quick Transportation System

As you get into Copenhagen from Kastrup Airport, you will experience joy. It takes twelve minutes to get from the Kastrup Station outside the airport to the Central Station.

Explore the Interesting Artsy Side

The city is home to a lot of artistic creations. It is a perfect destination for those passionate about art with its wide selection of national galleries and museums. However, even if you are not an art enthusiast yourself, you will appreciate the unique designs in the daily life of the city or admire the famous sculptures you can find in many parts of the city.

Have a Memorable Evening at Nyhavn

Copenhagen’s New Harbour is an entertainment district lined with vibrant 17th-century buildings made into cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs. While your visit here will not be the cheapest date you can have, it will be one you will forever remember.

Have a Unique Danish Breakfast

For any traveller, breakfast in Copenhagen is an incredible affair. It is composed of baked goods like Danish pastries, French baguettes, croissants, and other kinds of bread with topping to fit even the pickiest eaters. Also, you can add eggs, yogurt, bacon, and anything you can think of.

Splurge on Things

A trip down Strøget will complete any traveller’s stay in Copenhagen. This longest shopping street in Europe is home to hundreds of boutiques, galleries, department stores, and restaurants. This is where you can keep yourself entertained for many hours. Just be prepared to get your wall do a bit of work.

Enjoy a Mix of Rides, Performances, and Dining

Tivoli Gardens in the popular amusement part in Copenhagen which is the world’s second oldest park. The park welcomes millions of visitors every year by offering rides, theatrical performances, and dining. Also, it hosts lost of festivals and concerts throughout the year.

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