April 21, 2024

Viking Yachts are often regarded as the industry’s finest power yachts.

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There aren’t many boat builders with Viking Yachts’ commitment to new technology. As a company, Viking Yachts has shaped its ethos around the mantra “creating a better boat every day,” making it one of the most prominent names in the motor yachting industry in terms of performance, engineering, and craftsmanship.

In business for over 50 years, Viking Yachts has built a solid reputation for quality yachts. Established in 1964 by Bob and Bill Healey, who had previously purchased Peterson-Viking Builders, a modest New Jersey manufacturer of 37-foot wooden sport fishing yachts, Viking Yachts has since grown to become a market leader in semi-custom fiberglass yacht manufacturing models. Interest in the yard and its motor yachts increased after the introduction of the Viking 33 Convertible, the yard’s first full fiberglass model, in 1971, followed quickly by the bigger Viking 40. Viking Yachts was the premier manufacturer of fishing and leisure boats during that era, selling more than 400 vessels in just ten years.

With more than 4,000 yachts delivered, Viking Yachts is the go-to shipyard for many experienced sailors and tournament fishing winners. This is in large part due to the company’s commitment to building 90 percent of its yachts in-house. With the exception of mechanical parts like engines, pumps, and entertainment systems, the whole boat is built by hand by the yard’s skilled crew, who adhere to the highest quality and safety requirements. The company, which has been in the same family for generations, has invested much in expanding its product range to include luxury convertibles, cruisers, and motor boats. More than a hundred yachts a year can be built at Viking Yachts’ facilities; the company offers five distinct lines of yachts ranging in size from 42 to 90 feet in length. The advantage in quality control is especially clear with Viking Yachts, who proudly infuse their signature dedication and drive to cutting-edge engineering and refined luxury into each and every one of their yachts. Dedicated staff members evaluate each yacht individually while it is constructed, paying close attention to even the smallest of details to guarantee increased dependability, safety, and a superior end result.

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